Illuminated Manuscripts: Vanilla Info

synerge vanilla is a very simple hypertext system. As simple as it is, its potential usefulness is unlimited: Personally, I use it as address database, as todo-list manager, as log tool and primarily, of course, as idea interconnection box.

Vanilla is a blend of several ideas, none of which I had. Well, almost ;-) The most obvious influences are coming from the Wikis, which I encountered through the people on Squeak-L. The final "kick" to implement a system like this myself was the release of Userland's Manila. "It can't be that complicated," I thought, and it wasn't.

I wrote the first prototype in a few day's nights during my Christmas holidays '99. The prototype (written in Python) worked quite well, despite its occasional lack of speed. I created several hundred snips with it and started a first "personal weblog" (unpublished).

But suddenly I discovered Rebol. I knew I had to rewrite it.

And here it is, finally.



- Christian Langreiter

Vanilla homepage: