Illuminated Manuscripts: Blogs and Internet Groups

Blogs and Internet Groups


Institutional blogs

Bibliothèque nationale de France

Berkeley Library

  • Philobiblon updates from free internet-based bio-bibliographical database of texts written in the various Romance vernaculars of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance. Director Charles B. Faulhaber

Boston Public Library

British Library

John Rylands Library Special Collections Blog

Durham Priory Library

Magdalen College, Oxford

  • MIMSS The Magdalen Iberian Medieval Studies Seminar (hereafter MIMSS) is a forum for different events and activities connected with advanced research in the field of Iberian medieval studies established in Magdalen College, Oxford.

University of Georgia, USA

University of Glasgow Library

Personal blogs

Biblonia, a medievalist's blog about reading, writing and the impact of books from ancient times to the digital age.

Blog Enluminure Blog of Claudine Brunon.

Cartularios medievales. Medieval Cartularies

Celtic Studies Resources website of Lisa L. Spangenberg. A collection of resources, including FAQs, annotated links, reading lists and reviews from the perspective of a Digital Medievalist and Celticist.

Chimaera, the bestiary blog of David Badke, also creator of The Medieval Bestiary: Animals in the Middle Ages webpage.

Conscriptio is a Spanish platform 2.0 dedicated to the auxiliary sciences of history like paleography, diplomatics, codicology, sigillography, chronology, and epigraphy.

Histoire du livre blog destiné à faire circuler l'information relative aux recherches en histoire du livre : conférences, nouvelles publications, travaux en cours, etc., dont nous pouvons avoir connaissance.

Le manuscrit médiéval blog dedicated to the medieval manuscript, until its relationship with the first incunabula.

Manuscript Art website of Jesse Hurlbut.

Medieval Manuscripts Provenance Peter Kidd is a freelance researcher who works primarily on medieval manuscripts, with a particular specialisation in cataloguing and provenance research of liturgical and illuminated books, leaves, and cuttings. Also 500 Years of Treasures from Oxford: Manuscripts and books from the Library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, on exhibition in 2017

Miniatura Italiana blog. Site of Anna Melograni, founder and editor, dedicated to Illuminated Manuscripts and old books.

Minima Medievalia

Internet Groups

Teaching the codex is run by Tristan Franklinos and Mary Boyle. Pedagogical Approaches to Palaeography and Codicology


Digital Medievalist Digital Medievalist is an international web-based Community of Practice for medievalists working with digital media. It was established in 2003 to help scholars meet the increasingly sophisticated demands faced by designers of contemporary digital projects. This Facebook group is currently maintained by Greta Franzini and Alberto Campagnolo.

Medieval Manuscripts Appreciation Society

Illuminated Manuscripts and more

For the love of Illuminated Manuscripts

Armenian Illuminated Manuscripts


Les Enluminures Podcast