Illuminated Manuscripts: Periodicals and Magazines

Periodicals and Magazines

Art de l'Enluminure The study and presentation of a famous illuminated manuscript in each issue.

Gazette du Libre Médiéval published by a group of medievalists from different countries. While bringing together a diversity of scientific interests, they share the conviction that the history of the book ought to encompass all aspects of this outstanding witness of medieval cultural life, and deserves to be treated as an autonomous discipline.

Folia Magazine is the magazine of Franco Cosimo Panini Editor dedicated to illuminated manuscripts and old books.

Manuscript Studies a journal of the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies.

Scriptorium Scriptorium, and Bulletin Codicologique, the international journal of mediaeval manuscript studies. It is a biannual and multilingual publication that essentially deals with codicology, the cultural context and the bibliography relating to European mediaeval manuscripts

Speculum was the first scholarly journal in North America devoted exclusively to the Middle Ages. It is open to contributions in all fields studying the Middle Ages, a period ranging from approximately 500 to 1500. European, Arabic, Byzantine, Hebrew, and Slavic studies are included. The language of publication is English.