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Dictionaries and Linguistic Resources

Biblical Studies

Biblia Glossata

Latin Language

Corpus Documentale Latinum Hispaniarum (CODOLHisp) was born as the result of the collaboration between Spanish teams that are carrying out research on Medieval Latin lexicography. These teams have joined their efforts to develop a new platform that provides access to four lexical databases of Medieval Hispanic Latin.

Glossaria Mediaeval Latin Dictionary

Glossaire du latin philosophique, it is composed of about 200,000 handwritten cards that collect the definitions of more than 35,000 concepts related to the philosophical vocabulary of the Middle Ages.

Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources. The DMLBS is a dictionary of Medieval Latin and the first ever to focus on British Medieval Latin.

Latinitium, a wide selection of eclectic resources for everyone learning and/or teaching Latin.

Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata by Hans H. Orberg, is a Latin course written entirely in the Latin language based on the "inductive-contextual method" of language learning.

Old English

Learn some Old English from Textus Roffensis

The Development of the Anglo-Saxon Language and Linguistic Universals

Old French

Portail BFM is a database composed of French texts written between the 9th and the end of the 15th century. The texts are freely accessible via the TXM textometric analysis platform.

Old Spanish

Cilengua. Investigación en el terreno de los estudios filológicos e históricos, en especial en todo lo que concierne la historia de los textos, la historia del libro, la historia de la lengua, la edición crítica, la lexicografía y otras disciplinas y ciencias históricas y auxiliares.

DiCCA XV Diccionario del castellano del siglo XV en la Corona de Aragón